Mass Hysteria

I received some interesting responses to last week’s post on mass as the primary inhibitor of business acceleration.  In case you missed it, we defined mass as the quantitative measure of an object’s tendency to resist a change in its state of motion. We further suggested that people are the principal source of mass in every organization, resulting from our inherent tendency to want to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

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Good is Not the Enemy of Great

Jim Collins opened his landmark study of corporate performance with one sentence: Good is the enemy of great.  In his search for the determinants of corporate greatness, he characterized his research effort as akin to looking inside a black box, using the following illustration:

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New Business Meetings – Lessons from the Wizard of Oz

From a symbolic defense of the gold standard in economic politics, to a metaphor for the feminine transition to adolescence, the search for the real meaning behind The Wizard of OZ has been the topic of much speculation over the years.

If films can truly be considered as mirrors into the world of human behavior, then my vote would have to go toward the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor for new business meetings.  Here’s why.

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Business Velocity: a Newtonian Perspective

Earlier this week I came across a YouTube clip featuring a well known “business futurist” lecturing an HR audience on the concept of building business velocity. Shortly afterward, I came across a similar AT&T video on business velocity accompanied by the following summary quote from David Murray:

“Marketing video for AT&T. They handed me a bunch of boring interviews and the title “Business Velocity” and asked me to make something out of it…I still have no idea what these people are talking about!”

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